LEDINEK automatic line


Result House manufactures CLT panels on the LEDINEK automatic line, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of woodworking equipment, and especially equipment for the production of cross-laminated panels. A big plus of the company is high-quality and fast service support. The Ledinek equipment complex is designed to produce 91,000 m3 of cross-laminated wood per year. Based on the technical capabilities of X-Press, you can make panels of the following sizes:

  • length 5-18 m;
  • width 2.4–3.5 m;
  • thickness 60–360 mm.

As the panel after pressing has tolerances on cutting on 50 mm on width and length, it needs to be cut in the size on the portal processing center of RBA of production Hundegger. It is equipped with round, chain saws, cutters of various configurations and the drilling unit, and also the device for their change when performing various operations. Formatted in size panels or parts for houses – walls, partitions, ceilings – are stacked in the warehouse of finished products.

The Ledinek line is equipped with the X-Lam Manager program, which is designed to plan and control the production process of panels from the moment of loading on the board line to the submission of the panel for grinding. This makes it possible to improve the accounting of raw materials for production and control all processes in the technological chain. Another high-tech solution from Ledinek is the Rotoles 300 4V-KS200 milling and calibrating machine, which is suitable for planing spliced ​​on a mini-chip boards with a speed of up to 200 mpm.