Catalog of projects from CLT panels

CLT panels are massive non-shrink material.

Construction with CLT is fast, clean, quiet and compatible with other materials.


Construction with CLT is fast, clean, quiet and compatible with other materials.

Architects can profitably use CLT panels in the buildings and, if necessary, combine with other materials.

The company provides exclusively production services.

CLT Houses

People have been building houses out of wood for centuries, and over time this method of erecting buildings is still relevant and in demand. At the same time, wood houses have both pluses and minuses. To minimize the disadvantages of wood as a building material, modern technologies are being developed to improve wood in many ways. With the help of such developments, natural building material increases its wear resistance, is not exposed to external influences, and becomes practically invulnerable. Such an innovative development is the clt house construction using CLT panels. Let’s get acquainted with this material in more detail and consider its key characteristics and advantages.

CLT Houses – what is it?

The so-called CLT wood house is a building constructed from an innovative building material – CLT panels. This is a multi-layer material, which consists of wooden lamellas folded in rows. In other words, this is a cross laminated timber house, the rows of which are arranged crosswise to ensure high bearing capacity in parallel with rigidity in the longitudinal plane. This technology was first developed in 1996 in Australia. CLT prefab homes became widespread in European countries in the early 2000s, and now this technology in the construction industry in Europe takes an increasing share.
While initially only single-story buildings were built from such material, then recently it has been actively used for multi-story construction. For our country, CLT panels are fairly new materials, but more and more specialists prefer to use them to build durable, reliable, eco-friendly, and aesthetically attractive houses.

Pros and Cons of Building Houses from CLT

Modern CLT homes are becoming more and more popular and in demand, due to the presence of several significant advantages of CLT panels, from which they are made. In particular, they include their distinctive features:
– eco-friendly replacement of reinforced concrete;
– long service life;
– excellent heat and sound insulation properties;
– high level of fire resistance;
– the ability to build a clt prefab house in a relatively short time;
– high indicators of material strength;
– lightweight panels compared to concrete and other alternatives.
It is also worth noting that such a clt panel house has certain disadvantages. For example, the cost of cross laminated timber kit homes exceeds the price of those buildings erected using other building materials. In addition, with this technology, additional insulation of the building will be required, especially in regions with a harsh climate in winter.

The Technology of Construction of Prefabricated Houses from CLT

The construction of a clt cross laminated timber house has its characteristics and consists of the following stages:
– preparation of the foundation, which is carried out by the existing project;
– construction assembly, which begins with the installation of walls that serve as the frame and foundation of the entire building;
– implementation of the roof covering, which can be made from both CLT panels and other materials;
– installation of doors and windows in an already finished structure;
– insulation and external design of the facade of the building to give it an aesthetic appeal;
– interior design according to the existing design project.
The last step in obtaining a finished project is quality control by qualified specialists.

Characteristics of wooden houses from CLT

In general, a cross laminated timber prefab house has the following key features:
– a room with a healthy microclimate;
– absence of cracks in the walls requiring sealing;
– the possibility of using any decorative elements both outside and inside the building without the need for preparatory work;
– lack of shrinkage, which allows you to immediately mount panoramic windows in the erected frame;
– high seismic stability of the building;
– low weight of the finished structure (6 times less than a similar structure made of concrete);
– the maximum environmental friendliness – in addition to the natural wood, — the panels use safe glue class E1;
– the minimum amount of building waste and waste remaining after the completion of construction;
– the ability to implement any architectural style.
To cross laminated timber house kit and build a house clt using innovative technology, contact Rezult HOUSE. Projects are selected by specialists, taking into account the individual requirements and preferences of customers, after which all the necessary production services are performed.