Euro Pallets

Thickness/Width/Lengths: 800×1200×144 mm

Euro pallets

Euro pallets, are exchangeable transport pallets that align with the DIN EN 13698 Standard Part 1. Therefore, these pallets are eligible for European pallet pool systems across the globe.

These wooden Euro pallets are the same worldwide and certified under the International Union Railways Standard and European Pallet Association. This pallet is a 4-way pallet as you can transport it via a pallet truck or a forklift from any side.

Where are Euro Pallets Applied?

EUR pallet is used in all areas of business internationally. An array of products and materials, from bulk goods to foodstuffs, transports using these pallets across the globe.

Crates can stack on them along with additional frames to make a pallet cage, and so on. A number of packaging and production processes are fully standardized according to these Euro pallets across the industry.

You won’t find any product in the supermarket today that doesn’t transport using these pallets at least once throughout the process, from raw materials to finished goods. It just goes to show the enormous nature of importance that this particular pallet has in the industry.

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Production Process of Euro Pallets

European pallets might look pretty simple in design and construction, but manufacturers use exceptional processes to ensure the highest quality in the industry. As these pallets provide a structural base for any load and keep the contents safe within storage during transportation, these pallets have to meet specific standards and guidelines for optimum quality.

Wood is the most common material for the construction of these pallets. But various forms of plastic also serve this purpose.

There are standard sizes available in 100 percent engineered wood or natural timber. Vendors can provide their precise specifications on design and materials to manufacturers. Once a vendor confirms the specs and delivery date, we initiate the production process.

  • According to the vendor requirements, we select the appropriate wood.
  • It’s usually coniferous softwood, but engineered wood is also used, which can be as stiff as hardwood.
  • After that, stringers and deck boards are cut. These are the pieces of timber crossing at right angles in these pallets.
  • We treat the pure timber under international regulations (ISPM 15) to limit any spread of fungi or pests. The treatment involves heating the wood at around 56 For half an hour. This treatment kills the pests and reduces moisture within the wood turning it into lightweight timber. However, engineered wood is exempted from this treatment as pests or fungi are already dead during the heating process in manufacturing.
  • The next step is assembling the wooden pallets per vendor specifications within a process that can make up to 250 pallets an hour.
  • Once the order is complete, we ship it out to the vendor.

Available Sizes of Euro Pallets

We offer different sizes of Euro pallets available in our product list for these pallets and packaging. The two most common sizes are AGMA (American Grocers Manufacturer Association) pallets which measure 1016 x 1219 mm, and European EUR 1, which measures 800 x 1200 mm.

In the UK, an approximate size to the American pallets was eventually created. It measures 1000 x 1200 m and it is categorized as EUR 2. Results can make different bespoke designs that can go up to 3500 x 18000 mm (3.5 x 18 m). The thickness of our pellets can range from 60 mm to 360 mm depending upon the layers of wood in the construction of the pallets for sale.

The US and the UK trade by sea; their standard pallets stack into shipping containers, so a minimum amount of space is still there. With EUR 2, this leftover space in the container is around 3 percent to 5 percent. But with EUR 1 it is around 15 percent.

Both ECU and ISO recognize a third standard which is EUR 3. It has similar dimensions of EUR 2 but is in the opposite direction with reverse length and width. EUR 3 has a higher load capacity of 1920 kg, not 1470 kg.

The half of EUR 1 is the EUR 6, which measures 800 x 600 mm, and there is a quarter pallet that measures 600 x 400 mm, and so forth. We can design and develop bespoke pallets according to your specific requirements and can go up to 3500 x 18000 mm.

Our Certificates

We not only deliver customer satisfaction with full service but also guarantee safety while meeting the common requirements and standards. We make sure to certify these standards regularly. The current certifications that we have are:

  • Rezult Sanitary Epidemiology
  • European Technical Assessment ETA-21/0914 of 2021/11/25
  • Rezult Ukraine LLC FSC

How to Order?

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