Glued Wood

Pine, strength class C24
Thickness: up to 400 mm
Width: from 100 to 240 mm
Lengths: up to 13 m

Glued Laminated Beam (DUO, TRIO, BSH)

Glued laminated beam is a structural beam of wood made of multiple layers of lumber.  This product has different names in different markers such as Glulam, BSH, DUOLAM, and TRILAM but all of them mean the same thing with the only difference — the number of layers. 

What is the Production Process of Glued Timber?

The manufacturing process seems quite simple but in real life, the quality of Glued Timber depends on many factors, that’s why is so important to strictly follow the standards in every manufacturing phase, such as the density of wood (EN 384:2001), humidity (DSTU 4922:2008), durability gluing joints (EN 408:2007), glue type (EN301:2013) and European performance requirements for Timber Structures (14080:2013).

The main feature of Rezult’s Glued Timber is that we are highly equipped with modern machines allowing us to control all those parameters and get a very durable product.

Its durability lies in 2 factors: wood- which is graded on strength class C16-24 depending on the customer requirement, and Glue-where several layers of lumber laminate in layers on a special polyurethane or melamine glue that makes such Glued beams highly durable.  

Therefore we get excellent structural engineering products that can be considered a quality replacement for concrete or steel. 

Due to their structural integrity and flexibility, they allow artistic freedom into any suitable shape. These beams can be in vertical columns, compound beams, and even arches of various shapes. 

Areas of Use

Glue beams are ideal choices for separate houses and apartment buildings. The connection between the beams is seamless and will not be apparent. Furthermore, it will help strengthen the structure by providing integrity. 

These beams allow your architectural dreams to come to life while following all safety standards.

Due to their aesthetic appeal, glue beams perfectly go with high visual requirements. These include wooden arches that must be cut and glued to a specific shape, domes, and roofing. 

Given their higher stiffness, glue beam arches can span large distances without columns. This allows for more seamless integration and makes them a good choice for any buildings.


High-quality beams are lighter than their steel and concrete counterparts. To be precise, they are 1/6th of the weight of concrete beams and 1/10th of the weight of steel beams. 

Furthermore, it is cheaper compared to concrete or steel while giving an opportunity to use it as exposed beam ceilings or even walls. You can use them in roof structures. These beams can support grid systems. They can bear a lot of load without weighing a lot. Therefore, they have versatile applications in construction sites.

Moreover, they have higher fire resistance and survive many chemicals. This is why they are good natural and safe choices for residential and commercial buildings. 

How to Order?

If you want to place an order for glue beams, you must fill out the feedback form on the website. Or you can call our sales department to place an order manually. Our experts will guide you through the cost, dimensions, and order queries.