Formwork Panels

Size: 21x500x2000/2500 mm
Loading rate: 1900-1875 m2 in one truck
Size: 27x500x2000/2500 mm
Loading rate: 1480-1450 m2 in one truck

Shuttering Boards

Shuttering is a process of construction that is about pouring concrete into some temporary mold to get the required shape of the structure. The materials include glass fiber, steel, wood, reinforced plastics, etc. 

Shuttering plywood is a terminology within the construction industry. The process prevents substantial leakage into the mold using the same technique as any wooden shuttering panel. It has thin lammles  laid on each other and is cemented. And their grains have to be perpendicular to one another. 

To maintain these shuttering boards’ strength and durability, they must be designed precisely. Rezult shuttering boards are produced using a high-pressure press and BWP-grade phenol-formaldehyde resin for longevity and durability. 

What is the Production Process of Shuttering Boards

The process of developing these shuttering boards is pretty similar to other formwork procedures. The steps in this process are as follows: 

  • Raw materials

The first step is to choose raw materials to make these formwork panels for the shaping process. These can be wood, steel, plastic, or other materials. These materials are cut into layers to ensure adequate bonding in the following steps. 

  • Drying treatment

The next step is the drying treatment specifically for wood to reduce the moisture content and make it more solid and lightweight. Rezult uses pine wood to make shuttering panels, so the drying process becomes essential. 

  • Gluing treatment

The shuttering process is not complete without gluing, as all the layers must combine using an adhesive for strength and durability. Rezult can provide custom shuttering boards with layers ranging from 3 to 9, depending on the vendor requirements. 

  • Molding treatment

Rezult uses modern hot pressing technology to flatten the shutters boards to ensure that these boards have maximum strength and durability for various uses. 

  • Impurity removal and trimming

Rezult adopts a specific cutting method to remove any excess plates and impurities to ensure exceptional building quality and top it up with anti-corrosion spray to protect the boards from exposure. 

Where Shuttering Boards are Applied

Shuttering boards are best for a variety of high-end concrete construction projects. It develops flyovers, dams, tunnels, bridges, roofing, and beams. These boards are for construction site offices, high-altitude military houses, and milk booths. 

Moreover, these boards come in handy in constructing bus bodies, sheds, pavilions, stalls, and railway coaches. Furthermore, shuttering boards are useful for shipbuilding, cooling towers, and luggage racks. 

Characteristics of Shuttering Boards

Rezul produces high-quality 21 mm and 27 mm shuttering boards. These shuttering boards are lightweight and stable and have plenty of strength. They serve to be a pretty useful source for carrying loads, and they can endure bruising. These words are environmentally friendly and are immune to element exposure. 

  • Wood type = Pine
  • Thickness = 21 mm and 27 mm 
  • Size and dimensions = 500×2000/2500 mm

Pros of Shuttering Boards

There are various benefits of using these shuttering words in many projects. 

  • Shuttering boards have improved abrasion resistance.
  • These boards are immune to shrinkage, swelling, mold, and fungi and can resist insects and chemical exposure. 
  • These shuttering boards are environmentally friendly. 
  • They can endure bruins and blows. 
  • These boards are quite durable. 

Our Certificates

The following certificates assure the quality of our shuttering boards:

  • Rezult Sanitary Epidemiology
  • Rezult Ukraine LLC FSC

How to Order?

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