Sawn Timber

Sawn timber, dried 8-14%
Thickness: from 16 to 100 mm
Width: from 78 to 250 mm
Lengths 4000/3600/3300/3000/2700/2400

Sawn timber

For many years, wood has been in great demand and is actively used in various areas of life spheres. In particular, it is an indispensable material for construction, with the help of which buildings for various purposes are erected. It has not lost its relevance at present, even despite the popularization of raw materials of synthetic origin. This is because building materials made of wood have many significant advantages. A variety of sawn and treated timber is now widely used and offered in many available types and has positive qualities. Before choosing sawn wood products for construction or other purposes, it is worth understanding their main features and varieties.

What is sawn timber

Sawn timber refers to the products of wood processing. For their production, a whole log as a consumable is cut into parts, and processed into beams and boards.
A sawn timber, which is finished, can be of various lengths and thicknesses. At the same time, all its varieties have a common feature: in the manufacture of solid sawn timber, the tree trunk is cut lengthwise. As a rule, such products also have a rectangular or square cross-section.
Quality sawn timber has these key properties:
– eco-friendly material, safe for human exploitation;
– strong and wear-resistant;
– aesthetic appearance;
– reliability in everyday use;
– long service life of products made of such materials;
– a wide range of applications.
It is worth noting that with improper care and use, sawn timber planks can be subject to the appearance of mold and fungus, be damaged due to insects, and so on. To avoid such negative consequences, it is very important to properly handle and care for products made using sawn wood.

Advantages of using lumber

Using a variety of sawn timber wood in the construction process, you get several tangible advantages at once:
– relatively light weight of the material with its high bearing capacity;
– the ability to perform simple and quick installation;
– the material is easy to process;
– natural origin of the material, thanks to which the full sawn timber is environmentally friendly and safe;
– the optimal sawn timber price at which it is sold.
These advantages are the reason why natural sawn timber remains in demand and does not lose its popularity among customers for many years.

The main types of sawn timber

Today, the market offers sawn wood timber of various types, each of which has its distinctive features. Depending on the degree of processing, they are divided into such varieties:
– edged sawn timber – products of rectangular shape;
– unedged – possibly the presence of raw sawn timber (presence of bark);
– planed – one or more sides are smooth.
There are also other classifications: according to the type of wood (for example, spruce sawn timber), according to the configuration, and sawn timber sizes (board, sawn timber, round timber, block timber, slabs, or sleepers)

Applications and uses of lumber

Sawn timber boards have a wide range of uses, making them versatile building materials. In particular, softwood sawn timber and other types of wood are actively used in the following areas:
– production of packages and crates;
– roofing;
– production of euro-pallets and pallets;
– arrangement of stairs;
– construction of various buildings;
– wall insulation;
– production of partitions and floorings;
– formation of the floor surface;
– production of lining;
– furniture production and much more.
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