Two-storey house-villa of universal style project 003

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Total area: 268.79 m2
First floor area: 181.76 m2
Second floor area: 87.03 m2


A two-storey house-villa of universal style, cultural traditions and architectural techniques, that will perfectly fit both the suburban and urban environment. The introverted character of the house image is expressed by the formal appearance of the entrance group on the main facade, floor-by-floor disclosure of layouts towards the courtyard and their close connection through balconies and terraces. The volumetrio composition of the building consists of parts of different heights, adjacent to each other and completed by single-pitch roofs with opposite directions of slopes, without an attic space.

Facade decoration is combined from textured plaster surfaces and a hinged ventilated system made of heat-treated wood. The internal layout is balanced-symmetrical, arranged around a two-light atrium space, floor-by-floor divided into guest and private parts.
Functional content: The 1st floor consists of a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, with access to the terrace, a guest bedroom, two bathrooms, utility rooms and a garage for two cars. The 2nd floor consists of three bedrooms with separate bathrooms and dressing rooms.