Innovative technology

CLT (Cross-Laminated Timber) is a building material - laminated multilayer wood with a cross arrangement of layers. CLT panels consist of three, five, seven or nine layers of softwood. They are joined together with structural adhesives, forming a single panel with exceptional strength and rigidity. This cross-layer structure provides resistance to deformation or shrinkage..

A team of 2-4 people, 1 crane, a minimum set of tools and 2-3 working days are required to assemble a small building from CLT on site.


Energy efficiency

CLT panels are an energy-efficient building material. Buildings made of CLT generally use less energy due to good thermal insulation. This can lead to reduced building heating and cooling costs. A stable temperature is maintained in the house, regardless of external factors, thanks to low natural thermal conductivity (0.13 W/mK) and high heat capacity (2.10 kJ/kg).


Speed of construction

This is a material that is quickly installed, thanks to the preparation of the building details at the factory, according to the project developed by the architects. Parts are cut on high-precision machines with software and assembled, with the participation of a minimum of assemblers and mechanisms. A three-room house with a total area of 136 m2was built in the city of Korosten in just 7 days,including full interior decoration with the participation of a minimum number of installers.

For Ukraine, cross-laminated wooden panels CLT are a new product, but they have already gained immense popularity in Europe and the USA. This innovative material has a number of advantages, including: strength, environmental friendliness and diversity in architectural solutions, which allows building multi-storey buildings from wood..

Photo: (c) Jannes Linders. HAUT, Amsterdam by Team V architecture.

Ready for construction

The manufacturing process includes several stages. First, the wooden planks are prepared and dried in chambersto achieve the appropriate moisture content of 10% (+/- 2%). They are then spliced, cut to size and stacked on top of each other, with glue applied between each layer. The next step is to use a hydraulic pressto join the layers under high pressure. The plate produced at the factory has dimensions of 18*3.5 m. At the end of the process, the CLT panels are cut, sanded and machined, with software, to the exact dimensions and shape (according to the design), making assembly and installation on site as easy as possible.

Fire resistance

CLT panels comply with all fire building regulations. Test results: REI 60, REI 120, M0.


CLT panels consist of three, five, seven or nine layers of solid softwood boards. Each layer is placed orthogonally to the next, creating a criss-cross arrangement. This cross-layer structure provides strength and stiffness in multiple directions, making CLT panels highly resistant to loads and pressures.

Environmental friendliness

The environmental friendliness of CLT panels is due to the fact that they are made of wood, which captures and preserves carbon dioxide CO2. This results in a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional building materials such as concrete or steel. In addition, the production process requires less energy and, accordingly, produces less greenhouse gas emissions. CLT allows you to replace carbon materialsin construction, contributing to the preservation of the environment.


CLT panels have an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for a wide range of construction applications. They have excellent load-bearing capacity, which allows the construction of high multi-storey buildings and long spans. CLT panels also demonstrate high stability, with no risk of shrinkage, twisting or warping.


CLT panels provide architects and designers with wide opportunities to implement any style and flexibility in architectural solutions. Panels can be prepared to create curved or angular shapes, which allows you to design unique, aesthetically attractive designs.

Taking into account the absence of specific requirements for the purpose of your project, we suggest leaving the pre-sanded and specially painted CLT panels in an undecorated form. This will help preserve the natural beauty and structure of the wood, while also having an ecological aspect and significantly saving your interior decoration budget.


Distinctive features of CLT in construction are speed and efficiency. CLT panels are manufactured off-site, in a factory, which allows you to speed up and increase the efficiency of construction. The panels are manufactured with high precision, taking into account the necessary slots, strobes, holes for communications, which reduces the need for cutting and removal of waste from the construction site. The low weight of CLT panels facilitates the transportation and assembly of the building, speeding up the assembly of the frame and minimizing labor costs, simplifying logistics.

International projects using CLT technology