Rezult Holding

Rezult is one of the largest woodworking holdings in Eastern Europe. It is included in the TOP-10. This is a powerful full-cycle production. The largest project in Ukraine unites the Korosten MDF Plant, the Ukrainian Sawmill Holding Company (UHLK) and a group of woodworking enterprises that produce products based on wood and MDF.

Today, UHLK produces the highest quality lumber in Ukraine, including CLT panels, under the REZULT brand.


Ukrainian production

Rezult is a Ukrainian production located in the city of Korosten, Zhytomyr Region. The company produces a 100% Ukrainian product, which is not inferior in quality to the best European samples.

All wood is FSC certified. Production processes are fully automated thanks to modern German equipment. This is a unique production complex that confidently competes with the best enterprises in Europe.

Two SPRINGER lines highly accurately sort raw materials by cross-sections and lengths, and the MICROTEC quality control system allows you to avoid errors inherent to the "human factor".

The company's policy in the field of quality, labor protection and ecology is demonstrated by a series of international standards standards. One of the main elements of ecological orientation related to the specifics of production is compliance with the principles of FSC standards.

The area of the industrial park is 200 hectares

The result provided by CLT REZULT is not just high-quality CLT panels, it is a guarantee that you will have a strong foundation under your feet for many years.
It is a strong confidence that you have made the right choice.

The quality is confirmed by certificates of fire resistance, strength and environmental friendliness. All CLT Rezult products have the premium, visual quality of a wood panel. All panels are polished on one side, which makes it possible to use them for internal finishing.

Our principles are quality control at all stages; full automation of all processes; innovativeness of approaches; strict adherence to technologies and deadlines; availability of professional consultations and social responsibility.

Among environmentally friendly building materials, wood occupies a key place. The amount of energy spent on its production is 50% of that required for the production of concrete and 20% for brick. Zero Waste is a waste-free ecological approach to the management of production and the life cycle of products.

CLT production

The annual production capacity of CLT panels produced under the CLT Rezult brand is more than 91,000 m3..

They are made on production machines of the Ledinek company..

CLT panels are made by stacking layers of wood planks in alternating directions. These layers are joined together with structural adhesives to form a single panel with exceptional strength and rigidity. The cross-laminating process provides increased structural integrity and resistance to deformation or shrinkage..


Quality that is confirmed by certificates of fire resistance, durability and environmental friendliness..

Due to the properties of CLT panels, houses made of this material are heat-efficient and energy-saving. It is a modern replacement for traditional building materials such as concrete or steel. CLT panels have high indicators of fire safety, sound insulation, thermal conductivity and resistance to earthquakes. Environmentally safe and beneficial for human health.