Turnkey projects

The CLT Rezult company specializes in the implementation of TURNKEY projects, which includes the entire range of works and services from concept development and design to construction.

We are offer a full cycle of services: consulting, training, design, construction and its optimization using CLT, as well as supervisor services and installation supervision.

Our experience in the development and implementation of CLT projects covers projects of various purposes, from private and office buildings, single- and multi-storey buildings, to multi-functional public facilities.

We are ready to cooperate with you at any stage of your project.


Private houses

With CLT, you can build private houses, using modern architectural solutions. Building with CLT is a fast processthat allows the future owner to realize his or her understanding of the space and ideas about the design.

We perform both turnkey projectsand delivery of home kits for on-site assembly. The frame of the house can be built in just 1 day!

In Ukraine, in the city of Korosten, ready-made typical projects are located. You can come on a tour and see for yourself.

Registration HERE: office@clt-rezult.com.

Multi-storey buildings

Multi-storey buildings have been successfully built from CLT panels in Europe and the USA for 30 years.

The tallest building, currently, is the Ascent building in the United States.

It was designed by the American studio Korb + Associates Architects. This is a luxury apartment and shopping center in Wisconsin. The 25-storey building is 86.6 meters high.

Photo (c) Dezeen. Korb + Associates Architects

Public buildings

Many public institutions are built with CLT, including kindergartens, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, museums and offices. Developers are increasingly using this material, thanks to the unique speed of construction, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

CLT helps to quickly build any structure with complex architectural solutions.Literally in a matter of weeks, you can create a school or kindergarten, complete the construction of a medical facility or create a new rehabilitation center.

This saves the customer money and provides an opportunity to get results quickly.

Photo (C) Nick Kane